Catherine Victoria

Yoga Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor & Flexibility Coach.

I've always had a passion for fitness & became a personal trainer at the age of 21. Although I loved it, I always felt like something was missing. My journey was (& still is) one of spirituality, peace & strength. All these things, I was able to work towards after I discovered Yoga & realized the amazing power of being self-aware & in the moment. Yoga became my form of moving meditation, the union of my breath & movement showed me how to still the outside world & focus on my inner being.

Since then, all I've ever wanted to do is share the incredible transformation yoga has to offer with anyone who is willing to learn.

I have a love for strength & flexibility training through mindful movement with vinyasa flow. My classes often focus on backbends, core strength & anatomy. You'll leave feeling strong & bendy!

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