Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH, CMT

Homeopath, Researcher, Epidemiologist, International teacher

Kate Birch is registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths and Certified by the Council of Homeopathy. She is a Certified CEASE practitioner, Research Faculty member of The American Medical College of Homeopathy, The North American Liaison to the International Council for Homeopathy and the co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International: The non-profit research organization overseeing the implementation of Homeoprophylaxis in North America and Internationally.

She is the author of Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy and co-author of The Solution~ Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative. She is respected international teacher and researcher on the subject of infectious disease and homeopathy. She has been teaching homeopathy in lecture and classroom settings since 1994. She has a general practice for men, women and children for all health concerns from infancy throughout life.

Kate’s life work is to promote the use of homeopathy as a public healthcare model for infectious disease and to change the vaccine paradigm so that our children can live free and healthy lives.

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