Katariina Alongi

Coaching with Connection

My three passions, horses, sports and coaching, have been present in my life for four decades. I have had the privilege to teach equestrian sports on all levels from beginner to international competitors. After the highlight of my equestrian coaching career, a team Bronze medal at the World Championships in 2004, I focused my energy into learning more about the biomechanics of the rider and the horse. I have been greatly influenced by the teachings of Mary Wanless and her senior teacher Lynda Davey, with whom I rode and studied several years while living in Switzerland. During this time my relationship with horses also evolved to a new level and I explored learning theory, equine behavior, emotional intelligence and animal communication. Combined with all the knowledge I already had of riding and of sports in general, a whole new world of horses opened up to me.

Now my focus is to help people find a balanced relationship with their horse be it on the ground or on top of these amazing animals.


Bachelor in Sport Science 2004, Finnish Sports Institute

Life Coach 2012, Coaching Academy of Finland