Karolina Mazur

Chocolate maker

Hello, my name is Karolina and I felt in love from the first side in the taste of chocolate since I was two.

When I grew up, I become more aware of the origin of the food and lack of impact I have when I’m just buying a product rather than make it by myself. Thus, my journey began. I started to research and explore the option and possibility of homemade, healthy and less process dark chocolate.

After two years, of making and extremely healthy and delicious homemade chocolate, some of my friends, family members and especially my dear partner advised me to show other people how to make this healthy dark chocolate (all of them became dedicated fan of my homemade chocolate).

Thus, I decided to spread the world around with my unique recipe, which allow anyone to make a dark chocolate at home by used of few ingredients. The homemade dark chocolate course is for anyone who love chocolate but also look for an alternative of less processed and more healthy chocolate, with low sugar, great taste and organic.

Make it yourself, I’m guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

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