Karl-Otto Sandvik

NLP Master coach and mentor for men.

My name is Karl-Otto Sandvik.
NLP Master coach and mentor for men.
Specialist in the 4 mature masculine archetypes.

I am 52 year old and was born in Norway.
I live together with my 20 year old son in Aalborg Denmark.
I love sailing, trekking in the Norwegian mountains and of course riding my motorcycle.

I have been working with men in recovery from different life changing crisis, like divorce, addiction, stress and depression for the past 6 years. My clients contact me when they are tired of being stuck and feel drained of their masculine energy. They need tools and advices to move on in their life.
I am empowering them to access their 4 masculine archetypes.
I help them to clear out their core values and coach them in getting rid of procrastination habits and be more present and successful in their life's.
Actually they use their turmoil's and problems as motivational factors to move on in life.

Since my divorce 15 years ago I have been working on my own personal leadership.
I had lost sight of my integrity my core values and my marriage went south.
Then I got fired from my job, I got stressed and depressed and I finally battled my addiction and sobered up after many years of drinking.

I learned that without my solid personal leadership i loose contact with my integrity and I become miserable an unhappy.
I cleared out my core values and integrated them in my 4 archetype.
This gave me a solid inner GPS which i use on a daily basis in my actions and desicions.
I love to pass on the useful knowledge and experiences I have learned.

I find great inspiration in using the mythology and theories about of the 4 masculine archetypes.
King. Warrior. Magician and the Lover. Together with the amazing NLP transformational tools they makes a solid structure and creates a strong process to awake men into their own true masculinity.
It creates real life changing results.

Now I work full time as a coach and men's group facilitator for men.
I also facilitate initiation sweat-lodge ceremonies and outdoor group coaching.

My vision and my calling is to work and serve to make the world a better place.

My best regards

Karl-Otto Sandvik.
NLP Master coach and mentor for men.
Specialist in the 4 mature masculine archetypes.

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