Karlene Lesh

Study Smarter Series

I grew up in California and have taught a variety of subjects, as well as, every grade from kindergarten to community college. I first received a multiple subject credential and taught first grade. I was introduced to special education and loved it, therefore, I got my mild/moderate special education credential and have taught every grade from kindergarten to high school. I knew I wanted to help students more, so I decided to get my counseling credential and a masters in education. I started teaching in the year 2000 and my last teaching position was at a community college for 2 years. As a professor, my job was the improvement of teaching and learning by “fill in the gaps” and building study skills, reading skills, math skills, as well as, strategies for transfer level, developmental education, and occupational/vocational education students. The study skills courses I taught are: Time Management, Test Taking, Note Taking, Textbook Reading, Memory and Vocabulary. I also taught advanced reading and critical thinking, as well as, 9 study skills workshops each semester and a first year success course. The community college had budget cuts so I decided to move to Chicago and I am currently teaching as a part-timeTitle I teacher, which allows me to focus on teaching online courses. Teaching is my passion and I learn something new every year!

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