Karim Enien

Mechatronics Engineer

-Having  one year experience in Mechanical design, especially in dealing with sheet metal, milling and lathe work. 

-Established a firm ground in Mechanical design through my practical work and close-dealing with workshop machines e.g. CNC Bending machine, CNC Lathe machine, CNC milling machine. 

-Nowadays, I am working on a project that aims to control  the Robot KUKA KR6-R900 SIXX by Matlab by means of calculating the inverse kinematics of the robot and making it communicate with matlab through UDP.

-Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree in Mechatronics field at Bochum university of applied science. I hope to use my experience in teaching and Mechatronics field to help other people. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn for more information.

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