Karen Hayhurst

Energy & Consciousness Instructor

Hi! I'm Karen. My life's purpose is to teach about the LIGHT which is about consciousness, energy and how we interact with it, how it promotes healing and also the new science regarding it. I have spent over 20 years researching and working with my patients to develop the wisdom in my courses. Plus I have done over a thousand aura readings and am a Reiki Master during those many years. In addition I have a deep interest in philosophy, neuroscience and psychology including Emotional Intelligence. I have also been surrounded by Electricians all my life so I have been immersed in how that physical knowledge works with living beings such as me and you.

In addition I have earned a Degree in Education to ensure I get the message out loud and clear to all who are interested. Also, I have had the honor of doing many speaking engagements on the subject of light and energy not to mention authoring several research papers and a book on the Aura.

I very much look forward to serving, sharing and teaching with Udemy to all of you.

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