Karen Putz

The Passion Mentor, author of Unwrapping Your Passion

Karen Putz is known as The Passion Mentor. She specializes in helping people unwrap their passions at any age. Karen is a certified Passion Test Facilitator personally trained by Janet Attwood, bestselling co-author of The Passion Test. 

As a teen, Karen loved the sport of barefoot water skiing. One day, she took a hard fall and instantly went from hard of hearing to deaf. She abandoned the sport until the age of 44, when she put her feet back on the water again. She competed in tournaments, wrote a book with the World Barefoot Champion, and is currently barefooting in 50 states for her 50's. 

She is the author of Unwrapping Your Passion with a foreword by Janet Attwood and Debra Poneman.

You're not too old, too young, too disabled (Hey, Karen is deaf, remember?), too broke, too inexperienced, too whatever... to unleash the passion within. Karen will show you how to create a life you truly want. 

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