Kamelia Britton

The Hackerette

I’m Kamelia, a wanderlust enthusiast and curious soul who's happiest when I’m out exploring the world. Like many people, I grew up thinking that travel was expensive and not accessible for someone like me. I took my first big trip to Europe in 2006 and was instantly bitten by the travel bug. Working as a nurse, I wasn’t rich, but I was determined to live the lifestyle I craved on a budget I could afford.

Over the years I discovered travel hacking and various other tricks that allow me to feed my wanderlust within my means. Hackerette & The Travel Hacks Academy were created to connect with others just like you, who desire more from life but may not know where to begin. Here I share what I've learned from my own experiences to offer you the wanderlust cure!

Ever since 2006 I've been traveling extensively and have learned A LOT! While working full time I've explored 25 countries as of today with no plans to slow down. No matter the location, my philosophy is always the same; Save where you can so you can splurge where it counts! Travel has become one of the best parts of my journey through life, and I'm excited to share with I've learned with you.

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