Justin Terry

Spiritual Teacher and Medium

I am an ordained minister and certified medium with the United Metaphysical Churches, headquartered in Roanoke, VA. I'm also the senior pastor of the United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches, located in West Palm Beach, FL.

I am originally from Abingdon, VA which if where many of my first experiences began. Since then, my ministry has taken me all over the country, teaching and demonstrating a very important fact: life is continuous. No matter if you have lost someone close to you or not, I always want you to remember that they always live in our hearts and walk beside us on our path of life. We never truly lose anyone.

This is was an eye opening spiritual truth for me to accept. Once spirit had made themselves known to me, I made it a part of my mission to be able to that for other people; bringing messages of joy and comfort from those on the other side.

I now invite you to take part in that journey with me. I would be happy to guide you to the best of my ability. Through my online classes, my goal is to help you grow in your life as a soul and spiritual being.

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