Justin Gallant

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Start-up Enthusiast

I love start-up businesses! There is such an energy… an excitement… when someone is getting ready to start their own business. I have spoken with many people about starting their own business. I have lectured at business schools, spoken to young entrepreneurs and counseled many small business owners over the years. I never tire of discussing new business endeavors.

My wife and I have successfully owned restaurants for over 17 years. At one point our small chain approached nearly $2 million in sales. We created the original concept and even franchised out the idea. We took one location that started out making $160/day and grew it into a $700k per year business!

My goal is to help others start their own successful business. By following key steps along the way, anyone can avoid the pitfalls that plague tens of thousands of new businesses each year.


Bachelor of Arts degree with an Individual Concentration in “Entrepreneurial Studies" from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The Bachelor Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) program allows students to design their own major upon approval by University faculty and staff. This self-designed major allowed pursuit of coursework above and beyond standard business school classes.

I am a lifelong entrepreneur and first got my start at age 10 when I started a walking billboard business in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I advertised local businesses to visiting tourists. Over the years I have started many businesses - some successful, some not. But I have never given up. Currently, we reside in southern Rhode Island where we own a pizza restaurant and support two franchised units of our pizzeria concept.

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