I started my own business and personal brand after quitting my 9-5 job in marketing and branding. I'm a creative person, so my expertise lies in tapping into your own creativity and bringing out those unique qualities to build something special.

My brand, Common Era, is a luxury knitwear brand based in New York City. Part of my job is to know the best marketing tactics, advertising platforms, and behavior economics in order to make sales. I happen to love that aspect of the business.

Authenticity and quality are essential to my personal brand. I think when you create something with real heart, the reward is in the connection that you make with people when you offer them something of true value.

I have a Masters degree in Art World Practice (history, business, and sales) from Christie's Auction House in London. I've been knitting and designing clothes & accessories for 12 years.

I love to teach people who are interested in personal development and branding as a way to make money and do what they love. My ultimate goal is to encourage people to develop a lifestyle through personal branding that feels amazingly just right.

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