Mr Justin Cleghorn

Taking your business further using proven techniques.

  • Buying and selling Online since 2002
  • Originally started in the ebay/Auction area specifically Mobile technology.
    Remember The RAZR V3? I sure do. I sold Thousands!!!!
  • Now a content publisher and lead generation specialist.

I develop small training courses and lead generation software that incorporate the training.

People have a thirst for knowledge as you know and by providing quality content and training I then introduce products and services that allow marketers to take their business to a new level.

Primarily an Information and digital product marketer I still import the odd thing form overseas for sale on auction sites and more recently social media.

I am always looking for ways to improve my business and then I pass that Information on.

Author of Several Successful Product launches, I go for products that will LAST and stand the test of time.

EXAMPLE ebay listing builder still does a great job and sells well today and I am the Original creator of eSpinnerPro, an article spinning utility that Has been on the market for over 2 years.

I have a passion for seeing people succeed and achieving their goals both Financially and personally.

My Success is very measured in the success of others and I love to chat about IM and Information products for the 21st Century.

Oh Yeah I am also the Local PUB Poker Champion for 9 Months running.
Its FREE Poker we play on saturday Nights at the local and you win FREE BEER which is really Good.

Its a Fun pass time for me and I love my Pub Poker, Funnily when I have played for real money the fun went out of it so I stick to the free games. LOL

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