Julius Wright

Youtube Musician with over 5 million views.

Julius Wright is a musician who got his start on YouTube. His first song, featuring his trademark pen tapping style with rapping lyrics, has gotten him over 5 million views.

Julius is the father of a new genre of music, Bang Music, which combines the hard hitting sounds from rap and hip hop with the conscious lyrics of soul and poetry.

Julius is recognized as one of the top pen tappers in the world, and has been featured in a documentary about his life and his music. Juius has taught at middle schools, high schools and universities across the country and performed his music for live audiences.

Julius has a mission to bring Bang Music to the world. Check out his courses to learn how to get started pen tapping. It's one of the only ways to learn music that doesn't involve expensive technology or a large instrument, yet it has the potential to create amazingly complex music.

Pen tapping involves making 3 different kinds of sounds using a pen (or pencil) and your hands. You can choose to use one or both hands.

The first sound represents the snare drum in a drum kit, and is made by tapping the tip of the pen against a table. The second sound is made by banging the pen on it's side against the table. This sound represents the high hat in a drum kit. The final sound is the bass sound, which is made by banging the side or bottom of your hand against the table, and the represents the kick drum.

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