Julian Meli

Music Video Director / Creative Director

Where do I begin! I've been shooting video and photo's all my life, I've always been fascinated behind the idea of capturing moments, and "recording life", it's become the passion and focus of my life.

I'm a Creative Director that currently owns and operates a small production company called JM Pro Creative. We specialize in video production, photography, audio production, and events.

I've worked with many clients over the years including talented artists, musicians, and business owners to produce compelling videos and photos that can deliver a message or transfer an emotion. I have an advanced knowledge of video production (pre, pro, and post). You can see my body of work by visiting the portfolio section of my website at http://jmprocreative.com

All the things I am innately passionate about all share a common denominator; that is, re-creating or connecting with people about the human experience, sharing it with them, synchronizing with others on a deeper level, for me this is the ultimate purpose of the recording arts.

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