Judith Zen

Startup advisor and mentor, Founder of Bootstrapcademy

A finance professional turned serial entrepreneur, Judith has been extensively involved with a few startups in recent years as advisor, mentor, strategist, writer and as an all-rounded surrogate co-founder of sorts. Judith is a fervent advocate for bootstrapping startups. She is eager to share the many lessons she has learned along the way and wants to help startup founders bootstrap the smart way, not the hard way.

Rewind quite a few years back, in a prior life across the pond, Judith cut her teeth as a finance professional and management consultant in the City of London. She is a UK Chartered Accountant and did her post-qualification stint in the corporate world with Lloyd's of London as well as with one of the top fund managers in London. Her professional training with a pedigree London firm gave her the opportunity to audit and advise a wide variety of businesses and to hone her business acumen. She chose to indulge in her entrepreneurial streak after leaving her City career behind for the US, advising and helping entrepreneurs, and starting a few startups of her own at the turn of the millennium. She was quick to pivot and move on with the lessons learned. She naturally gravitated towards the startup world after an extended maternity break and found herself drawn to helping other startup founders.

Judith started Bootstrapcademy to shift her focus to helping early stage startup founders at their most vulnerable—venturing into the unknown world of startups and bootstrapping their startups.

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