Hi my name is Jean Paul, I am a mathematician and I am a teacher. I work in Procredit bank where I started to develop my skills in excel. I design some measurement tools and i improved other ones. Then I designed a course fore some specific people in the bank. after that course I could see how people could reduce their time doing difficult task using excel formulas correctly. In this moment I have decided to share my knowledge with more people because most of the universities doesn't teach about the use of this strong and beautiful tool. I know that there are a lot of thinks I have to improve in this course because this way to teach is for me new. So I expect of all of you a feedback and all suggestions will be welcome. If you have an additional question or requirement please let me know. I have a lot of experience as in excel and as a teacher so I am sure that I can, and it will be a privilege for me, support your learning process.

Enjoy your course!!.

Jean Paul.

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