Juan Martitegui

Co-Founder @mindvalleyh. Some say he gets PPC really well.

Juan set up his first Adwords Campaign in May 2005.

Over the years he has acquired more than 3,000,000 leads and sold over $20,000,000 worth of products and services.

He runs pre-acceleration courses for the best and most prestigious incubator programs and is a traffic consultant to high growth companies.

Previously, he was elected Mindvalley's first COO, based on his "salesmanship" and marketing mindset combined with the growth and scaling strategies he learned at huge corporations like IBM, Telefonica Group, several oil and gas companies, and more.

While helping grow and structure Mindvalley in 2009 and 2010, Juan decided to try a little experiment in the Hispanic Market... and boy it worked:

Today, Mindvalley Hispano, the company he co-founded, is one of the largest (we are humble, so we don't say THE largest) digital Personal Growth publishers in the Hispanic Market. With over a million subscribers and multiple 7-figures in revenue, Juan and his team are just getting started.

Mindvalley Hispano is also pioneering a Completely Virtual "Results OnlyWork Enviroment" where everyone works from home, has no set schedule, and only comes to the office if they want to.

Juan is so passionate about the new work arrangements the internet allows that he has started making a movie to spread these ideas and show the new professions that are available.

When he is not reading books on business or human psychology, you can find him paragliding, diving or even running triathlons (he finished 2 half Iron Mans so far!).

Wanna tap his brain? He doesn't drink alcohol, but will do almost anything for a Diet Coke and a Grass Fed T-Bone Steak.