Juan (Carlos) Garcia Calcerrada

English- Spanish simultaneous translator

Juan (Carlos) Garcia Calcerrada

I was born in Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain in 1963. I graduated from Andrés Bello High School and I studied at La Laguna University, English and German Language for simultaneous translation. After I finished university, I worked for ten years as a simultaneous translator mostly from English to Spanish in numerous events and conferences throughout Spain. After working as a translator I realized how important is learning foreign languages to very young learners in a more creative and natural way.The old way of learning grammar step by step and hundreds of words you will soon forget is definitely over. Giving Spanish classes to foreign students for so many years I noticed that the most important thing in languages is not perfection of grammar rules but quick communication. As soon as you teach the real vocabulary and verb structures all my students start speaking in Spanish in no time. Today and thanks to this technique I can communicate in English , German , French , Italian , Swedish , Russian and of course Spanish my mother tongue. Once you know which language structures you need to learn any language in the world is easily accessible to you in a matter of weeks or months according to your intensity.

Languages are intensity , but you only can have intensity when you see for yourself quick results in communication. Most  methods fail because they don´t provide enough quick results to keep the student motivated. So I’m interested in preparing lesson plans through real useful vocabulary structures. Even with very little Spanish you can pass an interview in Spanish if you just learn by heart correct job interview structures which by the way are always the same.

I like discovering new language techniques to make any language fun and accessible to anybody with appropriate language structures. These structures work all the time so I hope this new course of mine : Nail your job interview in Spanish and get the job , will really help you to get that dream job. Languages has offered me the chance to move across the world and learn many other things that I would never had learnt in my own country. Languages are the key to the soul of any culture. I also like discovering techniques for increasing awareness and healthy living.

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