JT Starks

Direct Response Marketer & Advertiser

Hey, I'm JT.

I've been in the internet marketing and advertising business for over ten years, having built my first affiliate campaign when I was 14.

I love every aspect of direct response, email marketing, and advertising and I currently do this full time. I have one product in the body cleansing market and one in the dating market...both of these products produce over $100,000 a year and grant me the freedom to live life how I really want.

I'm not the average instructor because you see I'm "actually" in the trenches everyday building out sales funnels, writing emails, designing landing pages, setting up payment gateways etc.

Having been very fortunate enough to have profited greatly through internet marketing, my goal is to help 10 other people in my lifetime reach the six-figure mark starting from nothing.

Hopefully through Udemy I will be able to achieve that goal.