Joy Bernstein

Natural Health Educator

Joy has spent most of her adult life researching and working in natural health care but it wasn't until she discovered the power of plant medicine and the often instantaneous results that people get that she wanted to share her knowledge with the world. Joy has since taught thousands of people how to access these incredible plant remedies for their personal health goals and family concerns.

Joy got her degree in physical anthropology with an emphasis in evolutionary psychology at UCSB. She then took a Tibetan Studies program, where she travelled to Nepal, Northern India and Bhutan to study Tibetan healing arts. In 2008, she became certified by the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine to instruct about the Tennant biomodulator. (Dr. Jerry Tennant was the world renowned opthamologist who created Lasik surgery.)

She discovered essential oils in 2012. She has travelled the U.S. teaching about essential oils in Hawaii, California and in Texas.