Josh Salazar

Adjunct Lecturer at Vanderbilt University

Hi, I'm Josh. I have a Master's Degree in Music from Belmont University, and I currently teach Technology for Musicians at Vanderbilt University.

As a musician, I have been recording and mixing both my own material and other artists for over a decade. I've found that I find the process of tracking and mixing other musicians to be surprisingly creatively fulfilling, and so I split my time between writing and recording my own material and recording the material of other local artists.

There is a wealth of information and countless tutorials online geared toward teaching specific aspects of audio production, but rarely do you come across a tutorial series aimed at teaching brand-new mixers the foundations of the art. I aim to fill that gap here on Udemy!

So if you're interested in learning to get solid recordings of your own music by yourself, why not jump in and learn with my coursework?

Hope to see you soon!


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