Josh Dunlop

I take photos and run :)

My name is Josh and I’m a professional photographer from Brighton, England. I created this website back in April of 2013, and since then I’ve had over 2 million visitors, and found a loyal following of over 35,000 fans on Facebook, as well as large 15,000+ followings on Twitter, Pinterest, and eMail.

I’m a self taught photographer.

Teaching myself was a long and arduous process, as I didn’t have anyone to help guide me along the way. That was my motivation behind creating this website. I wanted to produce easy-to-understand tutorials, with lots of images and visual aids, and help amateur photographers take better photographs. So that’s what I did.

My photography philosophy is simple.

Good photography comes down to one thing: composition. I rely heavily on composition when taking photos, and I stress the importance of this on this website. I do very little to the processing of my photos, as I don’t particularly enjoy editing them. I enjoy shooting on film for this very reason.

So long as your photos is well composed, it will stand up on its own, without fancy effects, or processing. You can read more about composition here.