Josh Tam

Entrepreneur, Artist, Multimedia Producer

I'm not some super guru or expert. I'm not a billionaire or a millionaire or a saint or an inspirational coach or some big shot business man. I'm just a normal average guy just like many other people. But the thing is, I like to learn stuff. Deep stuff that works.  And I enjoy sharing what I learned with others!  If you learn what I have gone through, if you learn about my achievements and my failures, my successes and my mistakes, your learning time will be cut short.  You will make less mistakes.  You will avoid the pitfalls that I experienced.  You can climb a mountain that is less steep!  Your journey to success will be shorter and easier!

I did not receive high quality education.  I also do not have any full-time coaches, unfortunately.  I can say that almost 85% of what I have and what I know are acquired through experience, observation, research, deep thought and hands on trial-and-error.  Since 2005, I have built websites.  I won numerous awards on making casual games on the Internet (after a lot of hard work, misses and failures).  I co-created a music video that went viral.  I got involved in various methods of making money online.  I learned many online Internet skills such as SEO and social media (technical and application).  I learned the art of making videos and animation.  And I also research on metaphysical topics (religious and non-religious)

Therefore, I can attest that high quality education is just a part of success.  The other important part is the willingness to learn through experience/observation/self-research, the courage to find new ways, the drive to work hard with focus, and the heart to persevere and succeed.

I like to teach theories, concepts and ideas, as much as I like to teach practical steps.  It is important for you to understand how something works.  "Knowledge is Power but Understanding is Knowledge."  Life is limited, and you can only gather so much knowledge. But if you have understanding of concepts and theories, you may not need to gather a lot of knowledge to know a lot of things. You can have the power to predict future events at a higher accuracy!  And you will have the power to learn things fast!

With an open mind and the understanding of important concepts, anything is possible!