Josefina Erminy

Project Coordinator

Urban Planner (Universidad Simon Bolívar) Specialist in Business Economics (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello) Magister in Sustainable Development (EUDE Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Five years ago started teaching at "English in Action" and two years later founded "Coaching for Kids".

Inspired by the desire of creating the best SAT preparation course for my teenager daughter, decided to investigate the best learning resources available on the market, gathering information from various sources, considering the best, the revolutionary, avant garde SAT training. Turning the training experience into something meaningful and building strategies for efficient use of time and resources. As a result, created SATprepVenezuela.

As time went on, when more and more students joined in, decided to go online.

Firm believer that every human being has unlimited potential being the role of a good coach to show the way to find it!