Jordan Arsenault


My passion is marketing. I love finding new ways to market and improving existing ideas. Being able to reach so many people at once is incredible to me.

Previous experience includes starting and working as a partner in a construction company that framed houses. Currently, I am the CEO at Experimarketing which is a marketing company that helps businesses grow through marketing.

About Me:

I drove 184,704 page views in one day which brought in $2177.89 in Adsense in one day. That wasn't all profit because I had about half of that going to partners who were promoting the site.

Hired over 100 remote workers for tasks on everything from coding to design to data entry.

Have built Facebook fans on various pages totaling over 1.26 Million fans.

Created 1000+ pieces of content: From articles to autoresponders to comics to videos to ebooks.

Spent about $50k purchasing websites through Flippa and sellers who I met through Flippa. Average price per site was around $4,000. Some were profitable, some were not. Almost all of them were Adsense websites.

** I have removed my training courses from Udemy for now **