Jonathan Bartlett

Founder of JonnysWeb, Web Developer, Programmer

Jonathan Bartlett is a Web Developer from the UK who has recently started the development company JonnysWeb. However for his GCSE in computing he had to study Python and through further education and research has developed skills in may languages such as C++/C#/Python/Javascript and of course HTML and CSS.

When He is not teaching on Udemy he is creating a site for a client or developing his own quirky little programs which he sometimes shares on the blog he runs. Also in his spare time he likes to play golf and listen to music, a lot of music - especially rock/metal!

A word from Jonathan -

I have developed several websites and fixed a fair few. Unfortunately I cannot share links here but if I could I would share with you some of my work. I also got a very high grade in computing at GCSE level in Python.

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