Jonathan Rhodes

Teaching Principles for Overcomers, Achievers, and Leaders

Jonathan is 41 years young and lives an adventurous life pursuing his passions and dreams.  He has been speaking in a full time capacity since 1995.  Along with speaking Jonathan has worked in ministry / non-profit organizations for more than 25 years.  His experience involves working with multi-generations, communicating through cultural diversities, and fulfilling numerous roles in leadership. In his career he has re-established struggling organizations, developed structure for ministry operations, and influenced people to overcome adversities and pursue their purpose in life.  Jonathan has also worked closely with individuals dealing with life's hardest issues.  He has accompanied people through death, loss, addiction, tragedy, and violence.  The experiences he's had has equipped him with insight into human action and need.  In 2012 Jonathan started Action Against Slavery, a humanitarian effort to reach, rescue, and restore human trafficking victims.  Since starting he has worked in investigations, undercover operations, intel gathering, victim retrievals, and street work.  When not in work mode, Jonathan pursues 2-wheel sports, snowboarding, and other adventures.  His number 1 priority and love is family.  He's been married for 23 years and with his wife have 3 creative, adventurous, and energetic kiddos.

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