J. Victoria Lambert

Learn with JV How To Love Yourself and Build Confidence

People that know my story often ask me how I overcame the very negative self-image I struggled with much of my life to become the happy, successful person I am today.  In this Udemy course I share what I learned through my journey and over 25 years of research to help you get the life you were meant to have. While this course won't be an overnight solution and there will be work involved that will take time, it will help you get on the right path by providing practical strategies you can use to make a difference in your life and reach your goals.

Here's what people have said about my teaching:

“JV is putting it out there and offering a different perspective based on life experience. If you’ve been trying to make changes in your life and getting nowhere, give this a listen.”

“Excellent actions steps and teaching really set this apart! Thanks!”

"Great concepts and principles."

“Even the most seemingly successful people have felt stuck in life and business- the difference is they learned how to overcome it. This is very helpful in showing you the right steps how”

“Absolutely amazing, rock solid information that is practical and easy to apply”

“Heartfelt and sincere”

“Everyone wants to move forward in life, business, whatever, but it is so often a struggle. JV does a great job in helping to inspire and motivate each of us to get better every day.”

“Thanks for teaching us how to gain control back in our lives and in our hearts and souls. This is AMAZING!”

“Insightful and enlightening”

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