Jonathan Acosta

Video Producer, Tech Entrepreneur

My name is Jon Acosta. I own and operate a video production company that develops media content for clients like:

  • - Apple, Inc.
  • - Elance, Inc.
  • - Skanska, Inc.
  • - The New York Times Company


I'm also a technology entrepreneur who is obsessed with automating everything.

Currently, I'm running a startup called Pixelynx Labs, LLC, which creates affordable video production tools for everyone.

I'm also the co-founder of Corda App LLC, which aims to enhance first point of contact in business by eliminating business cards.


The biggest goal for me right now is to motivate and inspire others through the form of knowledge and storytelling. If I can inform someone of ways to achieve a healthy mindset or production solution that makes their life easier, I can officially say that I’ve done my job.

On the flip-side, nothing upsets me more than hearing someone say time and time again how they want to pursue their dream as a career, yet never take action or follow through.

Considering the time period that we live in where camera technology and a solid audience is more accessible than ever, I believe it’s everyone’s right to be able to tell their stories on whatever scale they choose.


Here's what some people are saying about the success they've experience with my online training, products, and video productions:

"Thank you, Jonathan Acosta, for sharing your passion and knowledge in such an easy and engaging style. I look forward to creating some great work due to your course!"

- Tim Tewalt, Entrepreneur

"Jon was professional, delegated responsibility well, and made me feel really good about the work I was doing. I can't recommend him enough both as a video producer and as someone to work for"

- Christian Holmes, Technical Director at Glitch Films

"I took the 'Video Marketing 101' course and I loved it. I didn’t know what I needed before to do hd videos and now I am much more informed."

-Mike Tindell, Entrepreneur

"Jon is an excellent videographer and designer. He surrounds himself with some of the most talented people in the business. His customer service is exceptional, and his final products are next to flawless. If you are looking for an expert in the field who is reliable and trustworthy (with a GREAT personality), then look no further... Jon Acosta is your man!"

- Michelle Schweber, Chief Development Officer at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

"Your audio/video sync tool, DreamSync, is fuc**ing brilliant! In all seriousness the app looks amazing and I tip my hat to you!"

- Jim Ellis, Actor, Video Producer, Entrepreneur

"Jon's vast knowledge of video production is apparent in everything he does. Jon is a tireless worker whose efforts I would recommend for any media marketing project."

- Taylor Garland, Project and Account Manager at Intelligent Demand

"Been playing (working) with DreamSync today - and MAN DOES IT ROCK! love Love LOVE it! #amusthaveapp for #FCPX"

- Kirk Lohse, Professional Video Editor

"Your video training is amazing and I’ve just recommended it to our DIT currently on set."

-Shannon Siegel, Independent Director of Photography

"Great job with your app, DreamSync! Keep up the awesome stuff, looks really good and more user-friendly that Plural Eyes, especially for new editors”

- Brandon Sentnor, Video Editor at MTV

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