Jonathan Ely

Professional Military Education Instructor

What kind of leader do you long to become?

If you're new to the management and leadership game, or if you're looking to increase your wealth of resources, this channel is for you!  My name's Jonathan and I can give you the skills to lead any organization, company or brand!

ABOUT ME:  I've been an officer in the United States military for the last 10 years.  During that time, I've led teams ranging in size from just a few members up to groups numbering well over a hundred.  As a project manager, I've directed single-scope tasks to completion and overseen diverse cross-functional teams responsible for implementing long-term organizational change.  I've adapted my experiences and education into a set of tools that will help you chart your own course as a visionary leader.

ABOUT THE CLASSES:  Here you'll find classes on the fundamentals of leadership, as well as classes covering specific topics that will help you succeed daily as a leader and manager.  Each class will challenge you to use the tools you've learned right away.  Let's get started!

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