Jonas Johnson

How Can I Provide Value for You?

Growing up on a farm, I learned several important lessons at an early age about getting things done. A sense of pride in my work, when you are seeding a crop and growing grain, everyone can see the care you took to perform your job as soon as it comes out of the ground. Working with the resources available, on a farm, you do not always have everything you need, but you still need to get the job done. Ability to work on tight timelines, you cannot do everything, so you need to focus on the priority and get it done. Continuous improvement, we were constantly improving all aspects of the farm.

I believe strongly in continuous learning, there will always be more to learn until the day I die. When I am not taking online courses, I am either listening to audio books or reading books on Kindle.

I graduated with an Honors degree in Economics in 1995. I started working in Economic Development helping community volunteers develop local projects. For my first job, the local community development organization did not have any funds. So I helped them apply for a funding grant to get the money to hire me. Ever since, I have been helping people.

In 1997-99, I taught Distance Education Courses for Red River Community College on a part-time basis. I prepared all my course content and delivered the lessons.

I went back to school in 1999 to complete my Masters of Business Administration and graduated in 2001. My focus was on marketing and technology.

From 2001 to 2004 I worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager. I worked on all aspects of sales from cold calling in-person and the phone to working tradeshow booths to meeting with large corporate executives.

From 2004- 2010 I worked as a project manager for a non-profit organization helping to prevent farm accidents.

In 2009, I completed all the requirements for my Project Management Professional designation (PMP)

In 2010, I completed the Accelerated Program for the Chartered Management Accountant program.

Toastmasters helped me to perfect my presentation skills including winning second place in a humorous speech contest.

In 2010, I started working for myself full-time. I started my own consulting company. I have grown the company from just myself to three additional full-time staff, two part-time staff, and several subcontractors on a project by project basis. I have grown the business by adding services based on the needs of my clients. We are constantly asking how we can solve problems and provide value. New services are being added, and existing services are being contantly evaluated for opportunities for improvement.

Here is my website. The main video on our home page is titled "How Can We Provide Value for You?". I also made this animated video.

We have implemented SOPs for many of our services and we are adding new ones to grow our business based on the quality of our systems.

In my current consulting practice, I have developed training modules from scratch and delivered training material in one day workshops across Canada for national organizations.

Here is an unsolicited email comment I received from a workshop delivered in Nova Scotia on March 20th 2015.

"Jonas, I am pleased and compelled to let you know that I was immensely impressed with your presentation that I attended recently in Truro Nova Scotia.

If at any time in the future you are presenting again in Nova Scotia, and it may be open to the public participation, I would be interested in attending to learn more, or review the topics covered."

After I deliver a workshop, I take all feedback and make improvements to all aspects of the material and presentation. After my Nova Scotia workshop I flew to Saskatchewan the same day. I arrived at 2:00 in the morning and woke up early to make changes to my course content based on the feedback from the previous day's workshop.

I plan on applying all my knowledge and skills to my course development on Udemy.

Sense of Pride in My Work

Working with the Resources Available

Ability to Work with Tight Timelines

Continuous Improvement

Desire to Help People

Experience Developing and Delivering Training

Commitment to Solve Problems and Provide Value