Jon Haws RN CCRN

NCLEX® Educator

Sick of unorganized instructors, unprepared lectures, poorly explained concepts, and administration that just doesn't seem to care?

So was I, tired of the direction nursing education in general is headed and out of sheer frustration I developed NRSNG as a means of making nursing education relevant, fun, and easy to obtain.

Nursing education is HARD . . . but it doesn't have to be FRUSTRATING. Many schools and professors make it harder than it has to be. Here at NRSNG we democratize education and teach concepts in a way that prepares you to be the amazing nurse you want to be. And we actually LISTEN!

I don't really believe in using gimmicks or mnemonics in teaching. Why? They're tricks . . . they don't ensure that concepts are truly learned. I believe that if you really learn the concepts, the cause and effect of the disorders you will retain the information MUCH longer and actually grasp the concepts and get the bigger picture. You will be able to understand in detail what is actually happening with the patient.

Professionally, I am an ICU nurse in a Level I Trauma hospital in Dallas, TX on the Neurovascular Intensive Care Unit and as part of the Rapid Response and Code Teams. I work as a preceptor and charge nurse.

Thank you so much for visiting us. If you have questions please contact us! Seriously, we actually respond.