Mr Jon Crimes

Online Instructor

I first became an instructor whilst serving in the military where I got 'volunteered' to teach Aircraft Engineering to new students! Some people hate teaching but I actually found I really enjoyed it and was getting some great results from my students.

After leaving the military, I really wanted to work for myself and the ideal choice for me was as an Online Instructor.

So I started to write 'how-to' ebooks and found another passion, creating a business by publishing these to Amazon Kindle, learning how to promote them effectively and making sure they made money!

The story didn't stop there though...

I also started creating digital products, membership sites and instructional videos which help others to do exactly what I have done.

So this brings me to Udemy. A great platform to share my experience, instruct others and pass on great skills and to relive my original passion of teaching.

Thanks for reading my bio.

Jon Crimes