John Zapata

Online Business Owner -

I'm just a regular guy that wanted something better for myself and my family than the relentless daily grind and all the stress that comes with it...which lead me to start searching for that something and ultimately take the massive leap into the world of online business, digital product creation and Internet marketing.

Well it was a leap that I'm so glad I took because it turned into a lifestyle that literally set me free. No more 9-5+, hour long commutes and feeling like a zombie going into work every day. I'm pleased to say that I now sleep in whenever I want or need to and if I decide I want to take the day to go catch a baseball game and stuff myself with hotdogs, beer and nachos, I do!!!

I'd be lying if I told you it was an easy road though. The online business world is full of over hyped false promises and hope that will soon fry anyone's brain when subjected to too much of it. Anyone who's tried their hand at self navigating the stormy waters of Internet Marketing can surely relate. Luckily I was determined not to fail and after several years of trial and error and thousands of dollars spent learning the necessary skills I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Internet Marketing and online business world is much like a high speed locomotive. It takes forever to build up speed and momentum but once it does it can't be stopped! Much like each step along the way to building an online business is adding another 5-10 MPH of speed to the train, each building block is necessary to get it going and gives your business the momentum it needs to thrive. For me, it was the discovery of digital product creation that gave me the first 20 MPH in my business and got the train moving and the confidence I needed to keep going.

There are many ways to earn a living online and everyone's journey is different...but I love to share my story and teach others the methods that I have learned and use every day in my online business. Truth is, everyone needs a good mentor, trainer or coach to guide them into the world of online business, otherwise you'll just be another vessel in the water with no captain to guide it!

And that's what now gives me the joy of teaching others that are also looking for something better or even just a way to make some extra money to pay the bills or take the family on that Disney vacation the kids have been screaming for to follow my footsteps and reach their goals as quickly as possible.

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