John W. Woodall, Jr. JD, MBA

Entrepreneurial Growth & Development Consultant

With over 20 years experience as a C’level management executive, John has consulted multiple small and medium sized owners on the growth and development of their business. His clientele spans from a pre-startup dance studio to an established multimillion dollar construction firm with 5 offices in multiple states. This diversity shows that the principles of his growth and development consulting are truly universal. John's objective is to utilize his educational, experience and business success to help the owners of small and medium-sized businesses seize ownership's greatest advantage and achieve the ultimate reward that business ownership has to offer.

His academic credentials include a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree with a concentration in commercial law from the Indiana University School of Law, an Masters of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance from the Ball State University Graduate School of Business. John has served as an Adjunct Professor in Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Law. Accounting and Finance at Indiana Wesleyan University and Martin University with over 14 years of teaching experience. Furthermore, he is the successful author of ‘The Ultimate Reward of Business Ownership.’

The industries that John has consulted for, range from insurance repair construction to travel and automotive to mattress manufacturing. He teaches small business owners how to grow a business instead of merely growing a job in a business they happen to own. He believes very firmly that this is a common failing of many unsuccessful or struggling small business owners. Unfortunately, it is a hidden failing and the consequences are never realized or even deemed relevant until the business owner has decided or is forced to end of their entrepreneurial journey because of insolvency, overwhelm, or eventual gross disinterest. It is only then that they understand that they never build anything of value.

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