John T Hill


I'm 20 years old and currently studying economics at George Mason University. I've been working in the aviation industry since I was 16 and received my private pilot certificate from the FAA at age 17. In early 2014, I co-founded Mason 3D LLC, a 3D printing service. We're currently members of the Mason Enterprise Center, which is basically a business "incubator" with a whole lot of networking opportunities. I'm currently involved with another start-up involving a mobile app for GA airports and I'm also planning to produce a documentary in the near future. I was recently listed as one of the top 5 college entrepreneurs of 2014 by Entrepreneur Magazine. I'm also a writer and radio show host.

I don't want you to read all of this and think "wow, this guy is impressive", because honestly I couldn't have done any of it on my own. Without the blessing of God and the help and support of other people, I wouldn't be where I am today. I think most "successful" people will tell you the same, they couldn't have done it on their own. It takes a lot of support, advice, etc. And that support comes through connections which come from "networking". That's the word that immediately brings an image to your mind of awkward situations and handing out business cards. I don't think networking should be hard...actually, I know it isn't. Anyone and everyone can do it. And that's what I plan to teach as my first class on udemy, with many to follow.

Sneak peak at future course topics:

-Targeted networking

-Tips for success in college

-How to get your pilot's license

-College entrepreneurship

-And many more!