John Terrey

Educational Coach

John Terrey is an experienced teacher of Science, Mathematics and Reading and is a Professional Educational Coach in Australia. He has been teaching for 40 years with many outstanding student achievements including his four, now adult, children. He has owned an Educational Coaching Centre, leading a team of teachers there to build the confidence and self esteem of students of all ages.

John has a Degree in Science Education from The University of NSW and a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership from Charles Sturt University. He has undertaken numerous courses in Whole Brain Learning, Cooperative Learning, Advanced Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Teaching of Reading and Peer Support Train the Trainer. He reads widely in all these areas.
John teaches his students how to learn by a series of weekly tips he has developed over his career. They have been variously known as Mr T’s Tips, Terrey’s Tip of the Week, or with his more familiar senior classes, Tezza’s Tips! When each class is finishing the first lesson of the week, John explains why the tip works. He encourages each his students to use all their senses and practice being calm and confident when learning and in exams.
A background of educational leadership in Quality Teaching and Learning has given John a quest for helping all students learn and achieve.
John is now devotes his time to part time teaching and to writing. He and his partner enjoy living in and renovating an historic home. They have an extensive and peaceful garden, delighting in growing their own vegetables and fruit.
John's children and grandchildren continue to inspire him and keep him in awe of the amazing progress they are making with their lives.

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