John S. Rhodes

Entrepreneur, Publisher, and Product Creator

For the last 15 years, John S. Rhodes has successfully used mind maps and mind mapping in his business. He holds a B.S. in Management Science, M.A. in Philosophy and M.A. in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. His clients and associates include Lockheed Martin, IBM,, Cabelas and Binghamton University. 

As an entrepreneur, John has generated several millions of dollars in profits for himself and he's taught more than 50,000 students how to succeed personally and professionally. He's been the force behind over 500 book launches in less than 18 months through his students; he's also created over 250 information products. He's done over 300 internet workshops and webinars in under 3 years. His passion is helping entrepreneurs achieve incredible success and getting results that matter. 

John uses a combination of mindmaps and mapping with direct marketing, business strategy and internet selling to achieve these results. Now, YOU have the same opportunity as John and his students. Enjoy!