John Roufaiel

Anatomist & Physiologist

“I haven't had a class with the professor. I found him via an app. Not studying this intense in 20+yrs I found him to amazingly helpful. I'm studying to be a RN in Australia.”

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“OK -- you just saved my life.... I had read the text on this process 5 times and was so confused and frustrated that my heart rate was going up....(LOL). However, after watching your 3-part tutorial, I COMPLETELY GET IT......... THANK-YOU so much... Your descriptions are simple, and I love the tips on how to remember things and also how to deduce the answers on the "test" that you showed. Can't say enough..... you took me from "ready-for-tears" to "ready-for-cheers."”

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I am currently a medical student with a Masters degree in Anatomy (M.S.). My educational background is as follows:

- B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies (SUNY - Binghamton University 2005)
- M.S. in Anatomy (SUNY - Upstate Medical University 2008)
- Professor of Anatomy & Physiology (2009 to 2012) at 4 different New York Colleges (SUNY- Rockland Community College; SUNY - Westchester Community College; SUNY - Onondaga Community College; and SUNY - Upstate Medical University)
- Taught Human Physiology for Physician Assistant students at SUNY - Upstate Medical University

I never thought growing up that I was going to get into teaching. I always enjoyed sports and playing ice and roller hockey in college. In college roller hockey, I was fortunate enough to win a few regional titles and one national championship with my team in Binghamton, NY. On top of playing hockey I always had a desire to be a waiter in New York City and enjoyed that experience in Times Square in 2009.

One day a teaching position opened up at Rockland CC and I figured I would give it a shot. To make a long story short, I fell in love with the profession thanks to the support of my students, family and friends. Being a student all my life has kept me always viewing the material as “the student” and not “the teacher.” Sometimes I feel once we know something well we tend to forget how it was when we learned that material for the first time. I hope I can help as many people as possible and look forward to your suggestions.

You can email me ( with any questions/comments. I am busy with my own schooling but occasionally find time on the weekends to make a video for those who ask, which I call a “viewer request video.” These videos are not as detailed with PowerPoint as I would like to make them, but hopefully they get the lesson across. When I am back in NY on breaks I will work on more animated videos.

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