I've been a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer (BFCT) for nine years. Need/prefer 1-on-1 training or consulting? Contact me directly at blender@nyquist.net for rates and to schedule a time. Visit my site, nyquist.net!

  • Creator of the iPad game QuickConquest™
  • Creator of the iPad game Astra Itinera™
  • Blender Foundation Certified Trainer (BFCT) since 2008
  • Instructor for A Blender Game Character on Udemy
  • Instructor for A Blender Quickstart on Udemy
  • Co-host of 67 episodes of the YouTube series Bits of Blender
  • Instructor for 11 courses on CartoonSmart (8 Blender, 3 game programming)

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