John R. Bieber

Leadership/Security Professional

Hello! My name is John Bieber. My company, Bieber Enterprises, LLP., provides training and consulting on basic leadership skills. To create this training, I have drawn on my experience of eight years as a officer in the Marine Corps, three years as a security manager in the private sector, and twenty-two years in the Federal government leading various security teams. In all of that time, I have been a member of some great teams, and, like everyone, some not so great teams. Early on, I realized that I enjoyed the atmosphere of being part of successful teams and began analyzing what was required to ensure a great team environment. I vowed that I would do all within my power to lead great teams. In my research after the Marine Corps, I discovered, while working at a national restaurant chain, that many companies/organizations did not properly groom individuals for leadership positions. They were destined to fail. That's when I knew that leadership training could be enjoyable, and that I had something to share. That something became “Leadership Excitement!!!." Part of that course, related to team building is being offered here on Udemy. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the course!

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