John Pietrolaj

"The Golf Maniac"

Hello and Welcome!

I personally started playing golf in May of 2010 and the moment I got my first set of clubs and took a lesson I was hooked. I have been playing as much as I can ever since, which is all year-long because I live in New Mexico where the weather is perfect for golf all year. I personally wish that I had started golfing earlier in my life because it has changed my life.

I think about golf every day and how I can make myself and other people better golfers. People that know me have said I am like “a Golf Maniac.” I spend much of my time playing, watching, and thinking about golf. I am constantly learning new things as I keep trying to improve my game and lower my scores.

I hope that I can help you get to the point where you are playing your "best" golf.

I want to take the journey with you.

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