John O'Laughlin

Director of Learning Innovation

Hi I'm John. Helping people learn challenging things quickly is what I thrive on. People want to improve performance, advance in careers, and enrich skills through a practical approach to applied learning. I’ve been a student of developing creative and rewarding ways to learn through 20 years of media experience as an Emmy award winning producer and innovative leader for creative professionals working with Disney, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. I’ve discovered the value of student focused approaches by teaching at 7 colleges simultaneously at one point while developing effective training and development for live and online instruction. During the recent 10 years I also earned advanced degrees in adult learning to soak up an enthusiasm for learning while managing a busy schedule.

The Udemy environment allows you and me to interact through an engaging interface that evolves and benefits from each student experience in a constructive way. Together, we’ll contribute to discussion threads that grow over time. Work is invited to be shared and reviewed for constructive critiques and feedback.

I have a passion for creating engaging instruction that is easy to learn, and which generates powerful outcomes. I'm confident that anything can be learned with a supportive instructor coach, a well-designed curriculum, and an enthusiasm for learning.

My role as instructor is also to be continually engaged in learning from each class and each student so that the subject matter evolves and improves. Life is learning and I enjoy life. Let's learn together.

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