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I'm an engineer and pioneering veteran of Silicon Valley where I was privileged to participate in the entrepreneurial revolution that has changed the world. The stories I have gathered are from the amazing adventures those entrepreneurs embarked upon and shared with me. For that intimacy I am deeply thankful to them, one and all. They have my sincerest respect. 

Since 1976, I've spent decades coaching entrepreneurs, investors, governments and educators in many countries. It's been an amazing journey in which I have coached more than three hundred new ventures all over this planet that have raised over $2 billion in financing. Through that experience I discovered and documented what made Silicon Valley so successful. That seminal research led to discovery of what the new venture community is all about. And to what is now put into practice daily around the entrepreneurial planet.

Central to my findings is the discovery of the startup process in which a person begins with an idea and goes on to convert it to a world-class business. That is what has made Silicon Valley the envy of the world. This is documented in my best-selling book, “High Tech Start Up”. My successor, “The Power of Unfair Advantage”, digs into the method by which entrepreneurs built the competitive power that fueled their world-class new enterprises.

I am dedicated to assisting budding entrepreneurs increase their chances of success.


Too often first-timers begin with joy and end in sorrow, realizing they repeated the errors of predecessors and missed using the tools that powered serial entrepreneurs to success. That’s why I have created the course 


Daily I enjoy researching, discovering fresh changes in the rapidly shifting world of startups that I put to work and share with people like you. The findings emerge from my coaching budding founders, spending time with angel and venture investors, and teaching students eager to learn about the exciting startup world. I am privileged to instruct Cornell University students about entrepreneurship. We share and discuss real life startup experiences of serial entrepreneurs, angels and venture capitalists. It's a lot of fun, intense, rewarding.

I was raised to work hard and get the best education I could. So I earned my B.S. in Engineering with honor awards working my way through the University of Minnesota and my MBA at Cornell University under scholarship, for which I am very grateful.

I live in a very beautiful place, Scotts Valley, California, close to family and Silicon Valley friends. I enjoy fly fishing, hiking and working with people in my church to help those in need.

Assisted 300+ startups

$2 billion raised

Best-selling author, university lecturer entrepreneurship, startup coach

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