John Hannah Coach

Personal Development Trainer and Transformation Coach

John Hannah - Mind Coach

My name is John Hannah. I’m a personal development trainer and transformation coach.

* I’ve been involved in personal development for 12 years. 

* I’ve used personal change tools to help people:
   - Increase sports performance
   - In coaching 
   - With therapy clients 
   - Dealing with relationship issues
   - Getting over abuse
   - To learn faster
   - Remove fears and phobias
   - Banish anxiety and depression
   - To help people create high-performance mental states

* I teach people various transformation and coaching tools including:
   - Hypnotherapy
   - Neuro Linguistic Programming 
   - New Code NLP
   - Eye Movement Therapy
   - Emo Trance
   - Emotional Freedom Technique
   - Family Constellations
   - Yoga techniques

* I run workshops, certification courses, and offer 1-2-1 consultations.


"I decided that UDEMY would be a fantastic forum for the work I do. I'd like to help even more people to achieve, to remove mental blocks and get to where they want to be in life. I've taken the skills and experience gained running workshops, practitioner courses and in 1-2-1 client consultations, then transferred those skills to the online training world."

My aim is to ensure people use these tools in an ethical way that ensures success. 

Simplifying the tools so others can use them while ensuring they remain effective; is a particular talent of mine.

Enjoy the learnings. 

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