Dr. John Greenlee


Hello and welcome! Thanks for taking a look at my course. I’m Dr. John Greenlee, and I’ve been involved in higher education my entire adult life.

  • BA, University of Washington
  • MDiv, Pepperdine University
  • DMin, Abilene Christian University

I’ve been a professor teaching college level courses in the humanities since 1990, for two colleges and two universities. I was Dean of Students at a small college beginning in 1997 and I then continued to be involved in Student Services for many years after that. In my most recent position at a large university, I became certified as a proctor for both CLEP and DSST examinations.

For almost eight years, I worked as a teacher and tutor for recovering addicts in a homeless shelter. We helped them get their GEDs and then we got them to go on to college. Partly because of my experiences there, I formed a non-profit organization in 2015 to equip working adults with the resources, strategies, and tools they need to achieve their educational goals. Through it, I provide free and independent college guidance and support services especially for non-traditional students.

All of that is just to say, what I teach as a college guidance advisor is exactly what you will learn here. If you are a college student (or are considering becoming one), these same “secrets” will help you get through school cheaper and faster. I hope you’ll join me!

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