John Crosser

Business Owner, Teacher, Investment and Insurance Agent

Throughout his extensive 24 year teaching career across the world, John Crosser, has noticed a common theme. Whether teens come from Canada, The US, Japan, Thailand, or The United Arab Emirates they have a lack of information available to them to learn the valuable techniques and skills of money management.

Combining John's teaching experience with 10 years of financial management experience his new workbook ASPiRE: A Financial Workbook for the Canadian Teen is a testament to his passion for helping teens and adults understand how to manage money. John believes that with proper financial education in goal setting, managing cash flow, controlling debt, protecting assets, building wealth, and leaving a legacy, individuals will be healthier and families will be stronger. John is a licensed mutual fund agent with Portfolio Strategies Corporation and an insurance agent with PPI Insurance Solutions.

John is the owner of Knights Financial Management, an independent financial service consulting company. John and his team use the ASPiRE workbook to provide financial wellness workshops for employees of the small and midsize companies. He resides in Calgary, Alberta with his wife and two daughters.