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John Canada, founder of John Canada & Associates, Inc.

Professional-Solutions Program for Grant Writing was created by the consulting firm of John Canada & Associates, Inc. The firm has provided, over the last 14 years, extensive professional experience to a broad spectrum of clients, that include, but not limited to, federal and state government agencies, county and municipal government programs, social and human service agencies, school districts, police departments, volunteer and combined fire departments, non-profit agencies and capital projects.

Insider Experience:

In the area of grant writing, our team has exceptional experience and success in winning grant awards in excess of $100 million dollars with a grant award success rate of over 90%. We owe our outstanding award success rate to our experience in all areas related to grants:

  • Researching and Finding viable Grants and Loans
  • Reviewing Grant Application Proposals on behalf of Grantors
  • Providing Financial Leveraging Strategies
  • Preparing and Coordinating Grant:
  • o Applications

    o Budgets

    o Graphic Presentations

    o Grant Management Plans

    o Implementation Plans

    o Reporting and Evaluations

    o Development of Grant Proposals

    Our internal motto is “leave no stone unturned”. This approach produces creative thinking and visionary results in winning grant awards.

    Professional-Solutions Program was created for the express purpose of helping people Get Your Grants Funded. Valuable assistance is given to our students as we "leave no stone unturned" in our efforts to provide you with the essential tools you will need to prepare and write successful grants. It is the focus of our courses to share and provide to you, the students, unique experiences, tips and secrets so that you have the tools to Get Your Grants Funded.

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